Nativity Scenes Journey

The tradition of building nativity scenes in families is still maintained in Třešť. The Nativity Scene Journey through the town is the culmination of the preparations and work that local people put into their nativity scenes.

Every year between December 26 and February 2, it is possible to visit some households and be enchanted by the family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

Since 2015, the Bethlehem route has been part of the List of intangible assets of the traditional folk culture of the Czech Republic.

For more information, contact TIC Třešť, phone: 567 234 567.

Do you want to visit the Nativity Scene Journey?

Under the name Betlémská cesta (Nativity Scene Journey), tours of nativity scenes in households have been organized in Třešť since 2005, when each family received its number, and if it did not display a nativity scene the following year, this number was omitted from the current list.

Every house that has a nativity scene ready for visitors is marked with a green sign. If this sign with the target is facing backwards, it means it is closed. Please respect this unwritten rule. The recommended time to visit families is between 9:00 and 12:00 and then between 13:00 and 18:00.

In recent years, about two dozen nativity scenes have been made available to the public as part of the Nativity Scene Journey. In addition to the families, the museum and the permanent exhibition of nativity scenes in the House of J. A. Schumpeter, nativity scenes can also be seen in the church of St. Kateřina, at the castle or on the premises of the company Podzimek a synové.

The map of the Nativity Scenes Journey can be downloaded here.


From Třešť to Prague

In 2008, the Native Scene Journey was extended for the first time to Jindřišská věž in Prague. Just like the nativity scene in Třešť, the nativity scene in Prague is a little different every year. The scene is always enriched with something new. In the beginning, the nativity scene used to be five meters high, after a few years it expanded almost twice as much. Today, among the figures and buildings at the exhibition, you will find even the Jindřišská věž itself carved out.